For business

We are glad to give you all necessary for business actions and meetings of the most different level: seminars, conferences, presentations, negotiations, trainings. In the hotel for the given purposes are provided: a conference hall, a room of negotiations and the business-centre. The conference hall allows to place to 48 participants comfortable.


The conference-hall hardware:

- a multimedia projector - the screen 220*200 - flipchart - Internet (Wi-Fi) - an audiosystem

For your convenience are provided:  - parking - the organisation of coffee-breaks - wardrobe room - information-technical support - possibility of carrying out of actions at any convenient time - a cooler - the writing goods (on demand) - necessary arrangement of furniture

For the closed meetings, round tables or business conversations the hotel offers the room of negotiations for 10 participants. The business-centre is located on the 3-rd floor of the hotel. All conditions for successful conducting business are created here.

For your service:

- the computer with Internet connection (Wi-Fi) - the scanner - the printer - the copier - reception and the correspondence by the hotel personnel

Time of conference halls, meeting rooms and a business center from 08:00 to 23:00 (excluding weekends).