Pirate room in the hotel "Gubernskaya"

The hotel "Gubernskaya" in Mogilev an entirely new room in pirate style!
We are pleased to announce the opening of the new rooms in the hotel "Gubernskaya" in Mogilev. Interior room is made in the style of a pirate on the individual project.

We have created an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation the most unusual room of our hotel.

He is individual and is fraught with some mystery. Bed with sail truly resembles a mighty ship in a stormy sea. Bedside tables, made in the form of drums, create an atmosphere Spent pirate ship. All the furniture in the room on the individual order of natural wood. These pirates are able to surround themselves with luxury - in their cabins are treasure chests, leather seats and a magnificent map of the world - not decoration and guidance in the seas, oceans. A stress is unable to destroy the fragile pirate psyche relaxation hidden away in this pirate beverage bottle minibar. Our hotel offers a unique stay in a room in pirate style, which combines comfort and a unique atmosphere.

We invite you to the hotel "Gubernskaya" to enjoy a stay in a unique room for real pirates.
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