Hotel Services

Our hotel offers the following types of additional services :

Reception service

The friendly and courteous staff is always happy to welcome you in our hotel! At any time we can help you book w / e and air tickets; book a place in restaurants, cafes and other establishments; We organize transfers in any direction or help you in renting a car; as well as provide tourist information about the city, hiking and river walks, shops.

Breakfast for guests


After a long and deep sleep enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. And to start the day with a delicious and hearty breakfast, which will charge the necessary energy for the whole day - twice as nice. Breakfast takes place in the "Lettuce" restaurant Mon-Sat 7.00-10.00, Sun8.00-11.00. Here you can have lunch or spend the evening enjoying the excellent European cuisine and a cozy atmosphere. The restaurant "Lettuce" every visitor - the most welcome guest!



"The Iron Horse" - man's best friend and the owners will do all possible to assure its safety . "Gubernskaya" offers secure parking with 24-hour video surveillance. Parking spaces for our guests free of charge.

Spa in the hotel «Gubernskaya»

Want to get in shape? Then I suggest you to visit a new Spa center in our hotel! It features a sauna, a Jacuzzi, shower, gym, relaxation area and a Spa bar! Have we aroused your interest? All the details you can find on the page:the Spa at the hotel "Gubernskaya"



For lovers of billiards in the hotel is open billiard club with professional tables for Russian billiards. Opening hours: 08: 00-23: 00. The cost of renting the hall: 10 bel. rubles / hour.

Room Service


Whatever you are seeking, from small needles to organizing a romantic dinner in the room, we are always happy to help you!

The Internet

It is difficult to imagine for a modern man the times when there was no Internet. Hotel "Gubernskaya" keeps pace with the time, creating everything you need for a comfortable pastime. Throughout the hotel and in the rooms, wireless internet access is available.

Mini bar

After a long day of sightseeing or business meetings, you can use the mini-bar, which is in the room, or enjoy a pleasant chat in the bar in the hotel lobby for a glass of beer or other beverage to taste.

Pillow menu

For your healthy sleep in the hotel "Gubernskaya" we have a menu of pillows.

- a pillow for pregnant women "Waiting for a miracle" - a pillow, designed specifically to create the maximum comfort for a pregnant woman and her future baby. An original curved form provides reliable support for the back, neck, abdomen and keep the correct position during your sleep.

Fabric: 100% cotton

Filler: Fibertech

- a pillow for children "A kid" – we wish your baby only sweet dreams. This pillow made of delicate high-quality cotton with a light hypoallergenic filler "Fibertec" will provide comfort to your child.

Fabric: 100% cotton

Filler: Fibertech

- an ergonomic pillow with a memory effect - a highly elastic foamed polyurethane with an elastic-viscous effect (from which a pillow is made) was developed by American scientists in the NASA laboratory. This material consists of a number of micropores that guarantee a good air circulation and allow the material to breathe and also provide a so-called "memory effect" - slow recovery after the deformation.

Fabric: cotton knitted fabric

Filler: highly elastic foamed polyurethane
  • an ergonomic pillow with increased elasticity - this pillow will remember what you like! Thanks to the special density of the filler and the special structure the pillow fully takes into account the anatomical features of the body gently distributing the load on the spine and muscles. The pillow provides an optimal position of the head, neck and shoulders during your sleep, deep relaxation and rest.
Fabric: 100% cotton

Filler: EPPU (soft flexible polyurethane foams)
  • a pillow with a filler "Swan's-down" – an innovative filler "Swan's-down" - is an analogue of natural fluff that combines the advantages of natural materials and the practicality of modern production technologies. The finest siliconized microfibre which much more thinner than the best sorts of cotton. It is hypoallergenic and hygienic. The special fineness and tortuosity of the "Swan's-down" fibers ensures lightness, comfort, elasticity and also allows the pillow to "breathe".
Fabric: 100% cotton

Filler: "Swan's-down" layer
  • a pillow with a filler "Bamboo" – a bamboo fiber has softness, excellent ventilating properties, levels off the temperature, regulates humidity and has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, creates a cooling effect. Due to its qualities bamboo is perfect even for the youngest children.
Fabric: 100% cotton

Filler: "Bamboo" layer

Restore your strength with a perfect pillow!


All our guests can use the relaxation room to drink coffee or read the news in silence.

Other services


Do you need to hold a meeting, or simply to prepare the documents, you will find everything you need in our meeting rooms and conference hall.